Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here We Go Again... Why School Choice is not 'Choice'... It's Exclusion...

Here we go again. Another school choice advocate mispresenting the reality of school choice.

This Dallas Morning News Article provides a relevant example of the issues and the absurdity of some of the school choice arguments. 

School choice is not 'choice.' It's exclusion. Here's why - again.

People have 'choice' already. They can send their children to public school, private school or home school them.

People don't pay taxes to send their children to the public schools. The public pays taxes to support public schools that educate all students. Usually, there are no systematic enrollment caps, admission exams or other selective criteria.

Private schools and charter schools are not open enrollment schools. Many can and do restrict the type of students or number of students they enroll. Many have admission exams or other terms and conditions making enrollment selective resulting in the exclusion of students. 

Vouchers, where they exist, do not cover the full cost of non-public schools. Image for a moment a system where real school choice did exist - taxpayer funding for any child to attend any school of their choice no matter the cost. And, all those schools had to be open enrollment - no enrollment caps. Doesn't sound very manageable, does it?

School choice is not 'choice.' It's exclusion. 

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